Father's Day Craft

Easy DIY gift:

Decorated coffee mug

This is a creative idea for a cheap easy Father's Day gift. 

This craft is a fun way to involve kids in creating 

personalized mugs. We are sure dads   will love them!


• White plain coffee mugs

• Permanent colour markers

  • Sheet of big font adhesive letters 


1. First, make sure coffee mug is clean and dry.

2.  Then, place adhesive letters on the front side of the 

cup. Rub them firmly in place.

3. After that, using 2-3 different markers  fill in the area 

around the sticker with dots. If you mess up, wipe away 

with some rubbing alcohol on a q tip.

  4. Then, allow the mug to dry for about 5 minutes.

  5. Next,remove the adhesive letters.

6. After, bake the mug in an oven for 30 minutes on 250 

Celsius degrees (480 F).

7.Then, turn off the oven and let the mugs cool down 

inside for one hour.

8.Finally, fill with your father's  favourite coffee or 



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