Back to School

Students around the country are preparing to go back to school after a long summer holiday of freedom and relaxation.
School days are right around the corner so it has come the time to start cleaning out schoolbags, shopping for new notebooks, and picking out the school outfit.
In order to help students in the transition from swim suits and flip flops to school mode, I’m going to give some tips.

1.      Pick up a book.
The transition back to school will be much smoother if students crack open a book and get back into reading. In that way the brain area starts to churn even if only a few pages are read each day.  

2.      Get to bed earlier.
Days of summer holidays usually mean later bedtimes. It is a good idea to move bedtime a little earlier each night until it's closer to the school time schedule. Remember to sleep at least 8 hours.

3.      Healthy breakfast.
On holiday people have used to grazing but now is a good time to reinforce the school meal and snack time. 
Kid off your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast that will keep you going throughout the day. Breakfast will fill you up and fuel you at the same time. A healthy  breakfast  should  have eggs fruits, cereals and diary products.

4.      Sing in the shower.  
Make a play list with three of your favourite songs and listen to them  in the shower. It’ll give you on track and cheer you up.  

5.      Get organised.
Remember that the more organised you are now, the better off first few weeks of school will be. Make a place to stash school bags, a spot for important papers, and a calendar for everyone to write and keep track of important dates.   

6.      Keep a sense of humour.
Once one teacher showed his new students a picture of himself graduating high school — a grinning ape in a red graduation cap and gown. This usually makes people laugh, and it's a good way to remind them that school is fun!


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