Spring Scavenger Hunt - Cacería de Primavera

Spring has finally arrived. The weather is warming, the birds are singing so it's 

time to get outside and celebrate spring and enjoy God's creation.

I have been doing this scavenger hunt for years because this activity is 

fun and educational at the same time.

In order to make the hunt more fun I make it as a content. I give each team  

their own list and have to compete to find the most items in a set of time. 

The winner team gets a prize and everyone enjoys a glass of orange juice and

some delicious  homemade biscuits after the game.

Supplies for this hunt are easy: just a list,  a bag, a camera and a pencil to 

mark off what they have found. 

Spring Scavenger Hunt Items  

Here's the list of some of the things you may find or take a photo of:

1. a bird nest    

2. bugs on a tree branch

3. daffodils

4. a caterpillar, a butterfly

5. tulips 

6. seeds 

7. three different leaf shapes 

8. a piece of bark 

9. fresh  grass 

10. three rocks 

11. five insects

12. a feather 

I hope your students will enjoy this scavenger sprint hunt.   


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